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Powered 115Vac

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Isolated signal converter

Function : Temperature PT100/RTD
Input signal : PT100/RTD
Ranges : 0/600ºC, 0/450ºC, 0/300ºC, 0/200ºC, 0/100ºC, -50/150ºC, -25/+75ºC

Accuracy : 0.2% FS
Response time : 250 mSeconds

Output signal : mA, Vdc
Ranges : 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc, ...
Type : active

Isolation level : 3.500Veff
Isolated circuits : input / output / power
Configuration : front potentiometers (span and offset), front jumpers

Mechanical and security
DIN rail mount
Plug-in screw terminals
Width : 37mm / 22.5mm
Protection IP30

Powered 115Vac