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Voltmeter AC up to 500Vac
±500Vac, ±200Vac, ±20Vac, ±2Vac, ±200mVac
Direct reading
TrueRMS measure

Informacje o produkcie

Display : 3 1/2 digits
Reading max. : 1999
Reading min.: -1999

Function : Voltmeter AC TrueRMS
Input signals : Vac
Ranges : ±500Vac, ±200Vac, ±20Vac, ±2Vac, ±200mVac

Accuracy: 0.3% FS
Refresh : 3 / second

Power : 230Vac, 115Vac, 15/30Vdc, 24Vac, 48Vac
Configuration : Potentiometrers (span and offset), internal jumpers

Control options:
1 and 2 relays, analogue outpus, serial ASCII ouptut, parallel BCD output, Peak&Hold, hold

Mechanical and security:
Panel mount
Plug-in screw terminals
Front size 96x48mm
Deep 117mm
Protection IP30