Krótki opis

4 or 6 digits in 60 or 100mm height
Frequency from 0.03Hz up to 10KHz
Signals NPN, PNP, Pick-Up, Contacto, ...
Excitation voltage +15Vdc (max. 100mA)
Reading scalable

Informacje o produkcie

Display : 4 or 6 digits
Size : 60mm or 100mm
Display max. : 9999/999999
Display min. : -9999/-999999

Function : ratemeter
Input signal : NPN, PNP, Pick-Up, contact, ...
Frequency from 0.03Hz up to 10KHz
Excitation voltage : +15Vdc (máx. 100mA)

Power : 230Vac, 115Vac, 24Vdc
Configuration: Internal programming codes, internal jumpers

Mechanical and security
Panel or wall mount
Plug-in screw terminals
Protection IP65 front